An idea worth spreading

Have a conversation with someone which focuses on them. See what you can learn.

I’m passionate about

Where “|” denotes “therefore” or “works well with” or “whilst simultaneously”:

Psychoanalysis | Social organisation | Mental health | Social data | Marketing | Travelling | Good food | Good music

I am a…

Artist, Brainstormer, Concerned citizen, Event planner, Explorer, Foodie, Marketer, Performer, Student, World traveler


University of Bristol

Talk to me about

Behavioural economics | Irrational norms | Cultural evolution | The power of rhetoric | Something you love

People don’t know I’m good at

Decanting things

My TED story

Co-organiser of TEDxUniversityofBristol 2016
Attendee at TEDxBristol 2015
Attendee at TEDxOxford 2015
Attendee at TEDxOxford 2012
(avid) TEDtalk watcher, referencer, sharer