Irina Wang grew up in Florida before moving to London for her undergraduate studies. In 2015, she graduated from Chelsea College of Arts with the Dean’s Award and was granted a Mead Fellowship for creating educational materials in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. She has remained in the UK under a work visa sponsored by Pentagram, the design studio in London where she works full-time as a graphic designer on Domenic Lippa’s team. Recent projects include the identity London Design Festival and inaugural London Design Biennale 2016. Irina’s fascination in food culture has led her to write and illustrate for Root+Bone magazine as well as her own food/travel blog Wandercrush, which won the Guardian OFM Award for photography in 2014. Working with a group of friends, she is designer and editor of a publication called Salt; launched in February 2016, its weekly articles circulate both online and in print to encourage conversation on matters of faith and philosophy in London. The Mead grant has facilitated a recent exhibition in Holborn as well as her research trip to Alaska, where Irina met the Aleuts of Saint Paul Island to begin working on a key text for their endangered Unangam Tunuu language. Combining interests in typography, linguistics, literature, and anthropology, she continues designing for language revitalisation to aid native communities in resisting hegemony and monoculture. She is a serial wanderer and interdisciplinary dabbler, as she believes that design can be a wide-angle lens to view—and affect—the vast and varied world.

Irina’s online portfolio can be found at