Our speakers are listed alphabetically. We are releasing our line-up in phases, so you will currently only see a selection of the speakers.

Gareth Griffith

Gareth Griffith is committed to creating a space for us all to talk about mental health. Don’t miss this incredibly personal talk in which Gareth will share his story of his battle with depression during his time as an undergraduate student, and how he recovered from this low point through helping others to find that space too.

Owain Astles

Owain Astles is a Bristol based Filmmaker who will be talking about what we can all do to help those who are homeless around us.

Rob Camm

Four years ago, University of Bristol Alumnus, Rob Camm, was involved in a car accident that left him paralysed from the neck down and dependent on a ventilator to breathe. Rob will be sharing the story of how his relationship with space changed from this moment on. A story of appreciation and realisation.

Zara Nanu

Dr Zara Nanu is CEO and co-founder of Gapsquare, a company that uses data science to close the gender pay gap to create a space for equality.

Zion Lights

Zion Lights wants us to reconnect with the stars. She’ll be talking about how to contemplate our place in the universe and perhaps develop the mental space that we once had, long before pollution clouded our skies.